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Closing prices as at 29 July 2014:   6PM: 0.740 unch   BOV: 2.080 -0.012    CW: 0.815 unch   FIM: 0.748 unch   GCL: 0.659 unch   GO: 2.380 0.020    GHM: 1.870 unch   HSB: 2.001 -0.003    IHI: 0.760 unch   IHG: 0.820 unch   LOM: 1.500 unch   LQS: 0.105 unch   MLT: 0.550 unch   MIA: 2.300 unch   MTP: 1.120 unch   MDS: 1.300 unch   MSI: 0.870 unch   MDI: 0.240 unch   PZC: 0.600 unch   RS2: 2.550 unch   STUM: 1.990 unch   SFC: 2.850 -0.100    TML: 0.515 unch  


Curmi & Partners offers an execution-only stockbroking service. We will execute transactions on the client’s instructions on those companies listed on the Malta Stock Exchange or on any other stock exchange abroad. To support this service, Curmi & Partners has much experience in private equity analysis and investment. We have the mandate to analyse, value and write reports on the market performances of international companies. We also cover the performance of many listed instruments on the Maltese
Stock Exchange with clear and unbiased analyst reports.

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